Apple Announces HomePod (an Amazon Echo Competitor)

First Google competed with Amazon Alexa devices (specifically the Echo) by creating Google Home. Now Apple wants to jump into the ring with its HomePod. Even the name seems like a Google copy. It’s very easy to compare Apple’s HomePod to an Amazon Echo. They are both speaker-based, always listening for the wake-word, virtual assistants. […]

Amazon’s Echo Show is Here!

Remember a couple of days I wrote, Amazon Echo with a Screen, I’d Buy It? Well it’s here. The code name of “Knight” is now the “Echo Show.” At the time we only had a picture to go on. I speculated that it would be a good kitchen device similar to the Invoxia Triby, but […]

Amazon Echo With A Screen? Sure I’d Buy It.

Amazon has been rumored to be coming out with an Echo with a screen for some time. And why not? Screens are relatively cheap. They are still great ways to convey information and beauty. Well, the rumors got a long stronger with the recently leaked pictures from multiple reliable sources: For those that seem to […]

Mattel to Bring Alexa/Echo Clone to Kids

I’ve written about 10 Great Alexa/Echo Things for Kids. It seems that that I’m not alone in thinking that these hands-free personal digital assistants can be an educational tool for kids. Toy company, Mattel, has a clone of Alexa/Echo aimed at kids named Aristotle. Personally, I would have gone with Socrates as first version. Then […]

Dial M for Alexa Mum on Murder

I’ve read more than a few conspiracy theories from people that owning an Alexa/Echo device is silly, because it is always spying on them. That’s simply not true. As someone with a background in computational linguistics (computer science/linguistics), I can vouch that it is terribly inefficient for Amazon to take in the streaming audio from […]

Echo Dot is Amazon’s #1 Top Holiday Seller

Amazon declared today something that readers already knew… Amazon Echo devices are awesome. Specifically Amazon noted: “Sales of Amazon Echo family of devices up more than 9x over last year’s holiday season” “Echo Dot is the best-selling, most gifted item on with millions sold worldwide since launch” “Alexa devices made up top-selling products across […]

Amazon Expands Hiring for Alexa

Recode has noticed that Amazon’s Alexa group is on a massive hiring spree. They note that Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos said that they have over 1000 engineers working on Alexa and Echo back in May. They also spotted an additional 400+ open positions on Amazon’s Alexa Job Page. Presumably they did some hiring in the […]

Amazon Releases 2nd Generation Echo Dot Under $50

Today, Amazon announced that it is releasing the 2nd Generation Echo Dot. The biggest surprise seems to be the price… less than $50. And if you buy 5, they’ll give you one free! If you happen to need 6 Dots, that’s a little more than $40 a piece. If this sounds like a good deal, […]

Top Ten Amazon Echo Things To Do with Kids

My friend J. Money at Budgets Are Sexy recently got an Amazon Echo. Since he has kids around the same age as mine (3-4 years old), I thought I’d share some of the ways we’ve used our Echo. And what better way than to do than with an old fashioned top ten list. Everyone loves […]