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Official Alexa on a Raspberry Pi

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about how to Access Alexa on a Raspberry Pi. At the time, it was about how some very smart hobbyists were able to get it all to work. Less than two weeks later, we have an official Alexa-Raspberry Pi guide

Alexa (Echo) and Nest Thermostats are Friends… Finally!

Finally, perhaps the two most popular smart home devices work together without a messy IFTTT. I just completed linking my Nest thermostats devices. I got the news yesterday through the weekly Amazon Echo newsletter. Unfortunately, the set-up was a little more difficult than it said, “To control

Sonos Future Depends on Alexa/Echo?

For more than a decade Sonos music players have been the pinnacle of whole home music systems. Unfortunate for me, I haven’t been able to afford them in my budget. I’m not why, but things are no longer going well at the company. Maybe people are buying

Why I Won’t Buy an Amazon Tap (Yet)

When Amazon announced the Echo Dot (thoughts), I rushed to register and create this site. How do I feel about the Amazon Tap? Not the same. The reason I love the Echo line of devices is that it is hands-free and always listening. The Amazon Tap does

Alexa Adds New Fitbit Skill

It seems like every company is looking to integrate with Alexa nowadays. Add Fitbit (NYSE: FIT) to the list. The popular fitness tracking devices has sold an estimated 21 million trackers. As a longtime owner of a Fitbit Ultra, I was able to set-up the Alexa skill

Get in Shape With Amazon Alexa

When I first purchased an Amazon Echo, I certainly didn’t think it would be useful for getting me in shape. In fact, I was worried that it would do just the opposite. With the Amazon Echo available at my beck and call there’s often no reason to

Access Alexa on a Raspberry Pi

I found the video below really interesting. It’s very technical, but the idea is that these developers used a Raspberry Pi or similar device to interface with Alexa. While the developer says that it is cheap Amazon Echo, you actually have to push a button to make

Why You Should Get on the Amazon Echo Bandwagon

The short answer is, I’m on the bandwagon and it’s great! There’s plenty of room up here so come aboard! Recently, Jim Wikert of Digital Book World wrote why he’s not ready to climb on yet. I don’t mean to single him out, but I think he

Why You Should Buy an Echo Dot

When Amazon announced the Echo Dot, my initial thought was, “This feels like an extremely limited Amazon Echo.” With a few days to reflect on it, I see it as something different. At a price of $180 an Amazon Echo is not an impulse buy for many