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Alexa Needs Macros/Recipes for Consumers

Jason Perlow has a good article at on ZDNet: Lesson learned from Amazon Echo: Don’t turn customers into developers. The other subtitle is: “Don’t depend on your user community to bring in core functionality for your IoT device.” I don’t think that Amazon depending on it’s user

Business Insider: History of Amazon Echo

In one of the best articles about the Amazon Echo, Eugene Kim of Business Insiders explains the history of the product. The article chronicles the history of how Amazon was working on the Echo way back in 2011. However, they didn’t seem to know if it was

What’s Inside an Amazon Tap?

Ever wonder what’s inside an Amazon Tap? I was recently curious, as it came up in my initial thoughts about how Alexa coming to watches through the CoWatch. I wanted to find out what kind of battery was inside of the Tap so that I could compare

Alexa Can Now Add Calendar Events!

There’s a lot of Alexa functionality that I’m not very interested in. You can dig through the Alexa Skills and find a lot of stuff that will make you say, “Meh? Do I really need a Magic Eight Ball?” (Actually, that’s probably a bad example as it

CoWatch: Alexa Coming to Watches

It seems like interesting in getting Amazon’s Alexa is growing. The latest evidence is that there’s an Indiegogo campaign to package Alexa in a watch. It’s easy to create an Indiegogo campaign, but this particularly notable because it comes with some pretty extensive media coverage. We’ll get

Amazon Echo Dot Reviewed

I’ve been on vacation the last week. However, now I’m back and ready to give you the best tips, tricks, and reviews for Amazon Alexa and Amazon Echo products. I was supposed to receive my Echo Dot while I was on vacation, but it arrived a week