Monthly Archive:: May 2016

Google Home is a Reality

This isn’t exactly news as it is a few weeks old, but we knew that Google was going to create their own Alexa/Echo competitor. Now we know it is named Google Home and that it is generally similar to the Amazon Echo. You can find out more

Google’s “Chirping” on Alexa/Echo’s Plans?

Technology website Recode is reporting that Google may have an Echo-like device by the end of the year. When I worked in the tech industry the CEO would spin this new competition as validation that our company was working on all cylinders. To some degree that makes

Alexa Hardware Beyond Echo: Invoxia Triby

When I first started this blog one of the earliest articles I intended to write was the Invoixia Triby. And then I got really busy (as you might have noticed). I’ve still managed to cover quite a bit about Alexa/Echo universe, but this one slipped through the