Who’s behind this site?

This site is owned and operated by Brian MacFarland. This website is not an Amazon site. The products of focus are the Amazon Echo / Echo Dot / Tap hardware and Amazon’s Alexa software are the trademarked and/or copyrighted property of Amazon.com, Inc.

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What’s This Site About?

Alexa/Echo is aimed at maximizing the value of the aforementioned Echo (and Tap) products and Alexa service. Amazon continues to release new Echo (and Tap) hardware. Third parties Alexa-powered products like Triby and Samsung’s Family Hub Refrigerator are joining in on the fun. The Alexa service itself is constantly being updated with new partners and Skills. In fact new categories such as thermostat control are being added.

I find this very exciting and I want to bring you the news, tips/tricks, and my opinions of it all.

Personally, I’ve found that having Echo’s always-on, hands-free service is a life-changer. I recognize not everyone might feel that way, but I believe everyone should give it a try. It is a lot more than Siri or Google Now that you actively have to press a button and talk into a phone… two things that aren’t nearly as convenient they initial seem.

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