Alexa Adds New Fitbit Skill

It seems like every company is looking to integrate with Alexa nowadays. Add Fitbit (NYSE: FIT) to the list. The popular fitness tracking devices has sold an estimated 21 million trackers.

As a longtime owner of a Fitbit Ultra, I was able to set-up the Alexa skill in just a few seconds. I just visited the echo site, clicked on “skills” on the left side, searched for “Fitbit” and activated it. It quickly took me to my Fitbit login where I gave the Echo permissions to everything except my friends. (I don’t have a lot of Fitbit friends, but Alexa doesn’t need to know them anyway.)

It sounds like “work” when I type it out, but it was really easy. I was soon asking Alexa:

“Alexa, ask Fitbit how I’m doing today”

The response was more in-depth than I imagined. I got my step count (15,000+ woo hoo!), and word that I passed my daily active rate as well as having been active for the last 90 minutes. (Yes, keeping up with two toddlers will do that.)

I think it is easy for some to criticize Amazon Echo for not being super useful, especially with this skill. I think most Fitbit users would have a smartphone or a computer that they could easily get the information from. I’m obviously a fan of Alexa and the Echo so I might be in the minority here.

More and more, I’m finding my head buried in a laptop or a cellphone. The Echo bucks this trend by allowing me to get the information without getting sucked into notifications and temptations of Facebook. It most certainly isn’t worth buying an Echo for checking your Fitbit stats, but it’s a very nice perk considering the rest of the features that come with it.

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