Alexa (Echo) and Nest Thermostats are Friends… Finally!

Finally, perhaps the two most popular smart home devices work together without a messy IFTTT. I just completed linking my Nest thermostats devices.

I got the news yesterday through the weekly Amazon Echo newsletter. Unfortunately, the set-up was a little more difficult than it said,

“To control your thermostat with Alexa, go to your Alexa App and link your device. Then just ask…”

There’s an additional step of telling Alexa to “discover” your devices. So even though you might be linked, you may not necessarily good to go. Fortunately, this is easily solved by scrolling down that smart home page and using the Discover Devices link at the bottom of the page.

After that, everything works beautifully. As far as I can tell, there’s nothing too new. Alexa has worked with other thermostats over the last couple of months… so this is just another example. However, it’s a very popular example.

Personally, it is great to be able to make use of Alexa/Echo’s smart home features. I haven’t been able to justify the prices for lights and bridges. The prices are coming down, and maybe in the coming months I’ll be adding more Alexa/Echo enabled smart home features.

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