Alexa/Echo Deals Galore!

Amazon almost never puts it’s Echo on sale. Why would they, it controls the market and is possibly its most popular single product? (I’m not counting a series of Kindles.)

Today is kind of an exception for most readers here. If you have an Echo you can order an If you order an Amazon Tap for $70.


Simply ask Echo to order you an Amazon Tap.

For today, July 8, 2016 only, Amazon is knocking $50 off of the $129.99 Tap to bring it to $79.99, but it seems you must order it through your Echo. Yes, even if you own an Echo, you can’t simply use the website. I think they are pushing people to get used to ordering things through the Echo.

So how does it get down to $70? There’s another stackable deal that takes off $10 on any Amazon purchase over $20. You don’t have to use it on the Tap, you could use it to buy some bulk paper towels if you want. However, since this blog is about the Alexa/Echo technology/devices, I think the Tap deal would be most interesting to people.

A few months ago, I wrote that I wouldn’t buy an Amazon Tap. That was presuming a price of $130. At $70, it’s started to get my attention. After all, I’ve been thinking more and more about the advantages of having a portable Alexa device.

If the Tap deal isn’t your thing, you can also score a big discount on a low-end drone or a Cuisinart Griddler. I have a similar Griddler and it’s great. I am waiting for my kids to get a few years older before I introduce drones to the house, even relatively cheap ones.

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