Alexa Hardware Beyond Echo: Invoxia Triby

When I first started this blog one of the earliest articles I intended to write was the Invoixia Triby. And then I got really busy (as you might have noticed). I’ve still managed to cover quite a bit about Alexa/Echo universe, but this one slipped through the cracks.

However, the long announced Triby is
now available for sale
. It’ll set you back $169… at least at the current discounted price. It’s quickly got 22 reviews on Amazon, which is pretty notable for such a new product.

So What’s the Invoixia Triby

I think it’s the first hardware to use Amazon’s Alexa Voice Service that isn’t from Amazon itself. It’s pitched as a family messaging center that conveniently stay on your fridge. It looks like a retro-radio, but with an E-ink screen and a physical messaging flag that comes out when there’s a message left on it (presumably for another family member).

This review isn’t going to all-encompassing for three reasons:

  1. The most practical reason is that I haven’t bought the Triby and I don’t plan to. Without actual hands-on experience with the device, I don’t want to get too specific into the details that I might mistake.
  2. I read that the always-on aspect of the Alexa is only good for 2-hours when it isn’t plugged-in. Otherwise, you need to press a button like the Amazon Tap. I suppose it’s nice to the portability option, but I’d need it always plugged-in.
  3. My refrigerator is stainless steel, so the magnets wouldn’t stick to it. Other than that, my 2 and 3 year olds aren’t really at the age of needing this… or taking advantage of it. So it would just be my wife and I using it to communicate. I think for less than half the price of an Echo Dot, we can make due with a pad of paper.

On the bright side, the hassle-free calls seems like a great feature. Also, there’s real value to having an E-ink display… or at least there’s potential value.

Final Thoughts

Overall the Triby is interesting and I’m almost finding myself talking myself into it. If my life was in a different place (say 8 years from now), I might feel differently about it. In fact, I feel like this review from The Verge covered how I might feel about it well.

I’m personally going to wait and see what the next version has in store. At that point, I might be willing to nearly $200 for it, but I think I’d feel more comfortable paying $75 for the Triby.

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