Get in Shape With Amazon Alexa

When I first purchased an Amazon Echo, I certainly didn’t think it would be useful for getting me in shape. In fact, I was worried that it would do just the opposite. With the Amazon Echo available at my beck and call there’s often no reason to get up.

So imagine my surprise when I read about a new Alexa Skill called The 7-Minute Workout. Surely a 7-minute workout can’t be any good, right?

Well as this NY Times article suggests it can actually be pretty sound.

The downside is that workout isn’t easy. The upside is that at 7 minutes, accessible starting with just your voice, you lost a lot of excuses to be a couch potato.

Unfortunately the reviews aren’t nearly as good as they are for the Alexa devices themselves. It’s still better than nothing and hopefully the start of many more workouts in the future.

One thought on “Get in Shape With Amazon Alexa

  1. Hi Brian, thanks for sharing this! I created this skill, and while there are several features it could definitely still benefit from, I’ve introduced some of the top asks of being able to resume incomplete workouts as well as report how many workouts a user has completed. I’m always eager to hear any feedback users have, so please share what you like and dislike, and I’d be happy to oblige where possible!

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