Google Home is a Reality

This isn’t exactly news as it is a few weeks old, but we knew that Google was going to create their own Alexa/Echo competitor. Now we know it is named Google Home and that it is generally similar to the Amazon Echo.

You can find out more about Google Home from it’s official website. We don’t know when it will be released, but most people think it will be out by the fall. We also don’t know how much it will cost, but my guess is that Google will price it aggressively to grow market share as it plays catch up to Amazon.

One thing that I found surprising is the The Verge’s coverage of the Google Home’s sound. It’s said to be superior to Amazon Echo’s. The Verge has an interesting quote that caught my eye:

“[The speaker is] important, because one of the main use cases Google is foreseeing here is listening to music. The Echo isn’t great at that.”

I don’t know where The Verge is getting their Amazon Echos, but mine is GREAT for listening to music. It’s one of the things that separates it from any other gadget I’ve owned. And lets not forget that the Echo Dot allows you to bring any speakers you want to the party.

There are a few other tricks up Google Home’s sleeve. The ability to play with it’s Cast platform allows for a lot of flexibility to have it talk to your television. On the minus side, Google Home hasn’t made a developer API available, so companies can’t simply integrate with it (without formally partnering with Google first). I’m betting that will change, but if it doesn’t, it may come back to hurt Google.

I’m going to reserve judgment until the Google Home is released and I read some real world reviews or get my hands on one.

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