Make your Amazon Echo Portable with this Battery

Summer feels like it’s here and the entire family is spending more time outside by grill. Kids are playing on their swing set. My wife makes some great cocktails. All that’s missing is a little music.

Now that I have an Amazon Echo downstairs and an Echo Dot upstairs, I listen to almost all my music through Amazon.

I don’t have a good music solution for the outside. Sure I could get an Amazon Tap, but I’m not excited by the Tap. So I solved the problem the old (well new) school way… I grabbed a Bluetooth speaker and my Nexus 5 phone and soon I was playing music.

(Well, my wife was playing her Broadway channel from Google Music. Ugh. I guess you can’t have everything.)

But what if my Echo was portable? It sounds like a nice pipe dream, but it isn’t a dream at all. It’s reality… almost.

A company by the name of Mission Power makes an battery that will make your Echo portable. At least that’s the promise. The units are currently on back order. I’ve read that some units have shipped, but I couldn’t find any reliable reviews.

The idea is that you attach the battery base and plug the Echo in like you would do anyway. When you want to take it somewhere, you simply do just that… unplug the cord from the base and pick it up and go. It promises up to 6 hours of music play, which is typically more than enough for my needs.

When I first read about this, I dismissed it. I thought I’d have to wind the cord and attach the battery every time I wanted to move it. I was wrong. This now looks like exactly what I want to bring out to the yard.

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