Sonos Future Depends on Alexa/Echo?

For more than a decade Sonos music players have been the pinnacle of whole home music systems. Unfortunate for me, I haven’t been able to afford them in my budget. I’m not why, but things are no longer going well at the company. Maybe people are buying too many Chromecasts and using their smartphones.

In any case, the CEO of the company is featured in this Verge article saying that Sonos’ future will echo Amazon’s Alexa. While the speakers may still be top quality, the natural language artificial intelligence of Amazon’s Alexa Voice Service combined with the 7-directional microphone of the Echo is a winner.

The article mentions that the Echo Dot or similar device might be the best fit for Sonos. It isn’t the first time we’ve heard a Dot/Sonos combination solution being suggested.

It’s another example of how the once-kooky product, Amazon Echo, is changing entire industries.

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