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Amazon Expands Hiring for Alexa

Recode has noticed that Amazon’s Alexa group is on a massive hiring spree. They note that Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos said that they have over 1000 engineers working on Alexa and Echo back in May. They also spotted an additional 400+ open positions on Amazon’s Alexa Job Page.

Presumably they did some hiring in the May to October gap that isn’t covered. If Amazon were able to fill those open 400 jobs, they might be within striking distance of 2000 employees. That’s a lot of people working on a product.

I think they’ll need each and every one of them. They’ve recently ramped up advertising efforts and are saturating the market with Echo Dots for under $50. I’m obviously biased, but I feel like everyone should own at least one, and families should own several.

Another way to look at this is that Amazon needs to continue to invest in the Alexa/Echo platform. Google is expected to announce their version of the Echo in a few hours. That product will be called Google Home and it should go on sale soon after the announcement… or maybe even right away.