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Alexa Coffee Maker: Raspberry Pi and Arduino Working Together

I’m not a big fan of coffee. I had this master plan that I would avoid it. Then I couldn’t get addicted to it like adults. You know what they say about the best laid plans… Instead, I started to get caffeine from diet cola and now I drink more of that, which arguable is worse for me.

To make matters worse, I couldn’t escape coffee as my wife loves it and can’t function without it. I usually set it up for her as my little gesture to show her that I love her (“awwww!”)

Well David Frank and Carter Hurd may be making my life a little easier thanks to Amazon’s Alexa, a Raspberry Pi, and an Arduino. Give the video below a watch.

Obviously, it’s not the best coffee machine, but I’ll give it some major style points. I’m not sure if I really need my coffee maker to be Alexa-enabled. First I’d need a machine that has the basics of being able to replace its own filters, pump its own water, and measure an appropriate amount of coffee. (Bonus for being able to clean out the used grounds.)

Once you get a gadget that does all that, it’s just a matter of sending the signal to make the coffee. I don’t think it matters if that signal comes from a timer, a press of a button, or an Alexa command.

However, if we can put together multiple breakfast making machines together, I’d love to create an Alexa macro of, “Make me breakfast” to make it all happen.

Hat Tip: The Verge