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Amazon Releases 2nd Generation Echo Dot Under $50

Today, Amazon announced that it is releasing the 2nd Generation Echo Dot. The biggest surprise seems to be the price… less than $50. And if you buy 5, they’ll give you one free!

If you happen to need 6 Dots, that’s a little more than $40 a piece. If this sounds like a good deal, it is because it is.

It’s always worth comparing a 2nd generation to the first generation. I bought the the first generation Echo Dot a little more than 5 months ago for $90 where I called it “fairly expensive.” I’ve been scouring the specs to find out what the difference is between the two generations. One obvious difference is that you now have the choice of a white Echo Dot. Other than that, my view on the differences seemed like this:

Echo Dot Second Generation
Hmmm… is the difference only price?

I had to go look through some news sites to find what’s really different as there didn’t seem to a good comparison on the new page. Liliputing says:

“Amazon says there’s also improved voice recognition thanks to a redesigned voice processor. Other changes include a slightly more compact design, physical volume up and down buttons (instead of a volume ring).”

I like the volume ring, so it seems like the change is a downgrade. However, better voice recognition and more compact design seem like big positives.

One could make a case that this is a better product, for around half the price, introduced just 4 months later. I’ve grown accustomed technology getting cheaper, but that kind of price drop seems unprecedented to me. To make it sting a little more, only faithful Echo customers were able to buy the original, now seemingly very, very over-priced Echo Dot.

It almost seems that Amazon realizes that first generation Echo Dot customers would be unhappy with this development. I received an email that stated:

“As a customer who purchased the previous–generation Echo Dot, you can get a $10 Alexa Shopping credit when you order the All-New Echo Dot using Alexa Shopping. Order today through October 20 and a $10 Alexa Shopping credit will be applied to your account within one week after your new Echo Dot has shipped.”

I think some previous customers will be further insulted by this. It essentially says, “Buy another Echo, and use it buy something else at Amazon, and we’ll give you a $10 credit.”

Personally, I think it would have better if they wrote, “We’re going to ship you a free 2nd generation Echo Dot so you can see how awesome it is now.” They already have $90 from existing Echo Dot customers which would almost buy you two of the new products today. If they can’t send you a free one, at least offer another for $15 or $20.

On the bright side, this is the best time to add Alexa’s life-changing features affordably to every room in your house.

Get your “New” and “Improved” Echo Dot here.

Alexa/Echo Deals Galore!

Amazon almost never puts it’s Echo on sale. Why would they, it controls the market and is possibly its most popular single product? (I’m not counting a series of Kindles.)

Today is kind of an exception for most readers here. If you have an Echo you can order an If you order an Amazon Tap for $70.


Simply ask Echo to order you an Amazon Tap.

For today, July 8, 2016 only, Amazon is knocking $50 off of the $129.99 Tap to bring it to $79.99, but it seems you must order it through your Echo. Yes, even if you own an Echo, you can’t simply use the website. I think they are pushing people to get used to ordering things through the Echo.

So how does it get down to $70? There’s another stackable deal that takes off $10 on any Amazon purchase over $20. You don’t have to use it on the Tap, you could use it to buy some bulk paper towels if you want. However, since this blog is about the Alexa/Echo technology/devices, I think the Tap deal would be most interesting to people.

A few months ago, I wrote that I wouldn’t buy an Amazon Tap. That was presuming a price of $130. At $70, it’s started to get my attention. After all, I’ve been thinking more and more about the advantages of having a portable Alexa device.

If the Tap deal isn’t your thing, you can also score a big discount on a low-end drone or a Cuisinart Griddler. I have a similar Griddler and it’s great. I am waiting for my kids to get a few years older before I introduce drones to the house, even relatively cheap ones.