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Amazon Echo Screen

Amazon’s Echo Show is Here!

Remember a couple of days I wrote, Amazon Echo with a Screen, I’d Buy It?

Well it’s here. The code name of “Knight” is now the “Echo Show.”

At the time we only had a picture to go on. I speculated that it would be a good kitchen device similar to the Invoxia Triby, but with intercom capabilities like the Nucleus Anywhere Intercom. It’s rare, but it seems I got it mostly right according to the promo video on Amazon’s site.

It seems like the videophone is the defining feature. They are even running a promo where if you buy 2 (one to give away) you’ll save $100. The two Echo Shows would normally be $460, but with the $100 savings they are $360… or $180 each. If that $180 price-point sounds familiar, it was the price of the original Echo until it was recently reduced.

The videophone also has a check-in feature. It wasn’t clear in the promo video how it works, but it seems like a way of asking, “Hey, are you available?” without actually calling. I don’t know how that is different than just calling.

Aside from the videophone features, there is the ability to hook into video feeds in your house. For example, you can easily see who is front door with Ring. Or you can check in on the kids if you have a compatible baby monitor.

I know I said that I’d buy it, but I’m really on the fence. On one hand, it would be great for the kids to video call with grandma. On the other hand we have 4 Echo devices for 6 rooms. As I said before, I’m not sure my wife would endorse such a purchase. One potential feature that could sway her might be the ability to use it as a photo frame. I don’t know whether or not to presume that Amazon is smart enough to make it work with Amazon Photos. I haven’t seen that feature, but I’m still learning about what the Echo Show can do.