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Apple Announces HomePod (an Amazon Echo Competitor)

First Google competed with Amazon Alexa devices (specifically the Echo) by creating Google Home. Now Apple wants to jump into the ring with its HomePod. Even the name seems like a Google copy.

It’s very easy to compare Apple’s HomePod to an Amazon Echo. They are both speaker-based, always listening for the wake-word, virtual assistants. However, Apple’s HomePod is going to cost $350! For that kind of money you could buy a 6-pack of Echo Dots and still have some cash left over. Or you could buy a pair of Echos.

Apple is positioning the HomePod as a premium speaker. I’m not an audiophile, so I’ll have to take their word that it is great. Personally the Echo is good enough for me. If I wanted to, I could buy an Echo Dot and hook-up whatever speaker solution I wanted.

The big difference here is that Apple’s HomePod is going to with other Apple products. I’m not in the Apple ecosystem, but many, many people are maybe it’s worth paying a lot of money for the same kind of access to Siri and Apple Music? We’ll have to see how it sells.