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Amazon Echo With A Screen? Sure I’d Buy It.

Amazon has been rumored to be coming out with an Echo with a screen for some time. And why not? Screens are relatively cheap. They are still great ways to convey information and beauty. Well, the rumors got a long stronger with the recently leaked pictures from multiple reliable sources:

Amazon Echo Screen
Amazon Echo Screen

For those that seem to care about such nonsense, there appears to be a white one available as well.

This new Echo, codenamed “Knight”, supposedly has a 7″ screen and a camera. I could see this as being a cross between the Invoxia Triby and the Nucleus Anywhere Intercom. I think of it as a great kitchen device like the Triby (alas without the messaging aspect, but at least always-listening). The camera could make it be a nice intercom especially over the internet. From the picture itself we get the idea that it has day planning capabilities.

So people think it looks ugly, but I think it looks fine. Perhaps I’m a little biased. I’m also not sure what else people were expecting. Maybe they want a stainless steel version?

There’s no word on how much it will cost. The problem for me is that I already have a couple of Echo Dots, an Echo, and a Tap. I’m almost at Alexa Everywhere at this point. And with the Tap, I literally can have it everywhere very easily. For new customers though, this could be interesting. I might just be interested enough myself if the screen features are helpful and it is priced right. It would be a tough sell with the wife as she’s trying to curb my Alexa/Echo addiction.