Why I Bought an Amazon Tap

Remember back in March when I wrote that won’t buy an Amazon Tap yet? You can forget about it, because I’m the proud owner of an Amazon Tap.

The biggest reason I had to not buy an Amazon Tap is the biggest reason why I love the Echo… I like that the Echo is always listening. I don’t have to navigate a screen of a phone or do anything other than just call out what I want. The Tap requires you press a button and then ask what you want. (It does this to save on battery so that it can be portable.)

I didn’t think I’d be able to get used to pressing a button before talking, but it is surprisingly natural. Since the device is designed to be portable, I have it near me anyway. Pressing the button doesn’t typically require me to walk across the room like it would with my Echo. Also, when you press the button, you can skip addressing it as Alexa. That saves a step.

I was also concerned about playing music outside of my home’s WiFi network. What good is portable if you can’t leave your home, right? Well, I found a guide on CNET that shows you how to take your Amazon Tap anywhere, by setting up your phone as a mobile hotspot. I thought it would be more difficult, but it appears that the Amazon Alexa application is designed for this in mind (YES!). In about 5 minutes, I was up and running with a mobile Tap that I could bring in the car (fits well in a cup holder) or anywhere I happen to have my phone.

Of course, I didn’t know all this before I bought the Amazon Tap. I took a leap of faith like I did with the Echo. It was much easier to take that leap with the Alexa/Echo Deals Galore around Amazon Prime Day which made it $70 instead of the usual $130. At a price of $70, I figured I could always sell it on Ebay for a profit if I really didn’t like it.

So far one of the best uses I’ve found is giving it to my 3 year old to use. It’s a little easier to show than crowding around the Echo and the physical connection of pressing the button and speaking into it simply seems to make sense to him. The only part we need to work on is that he still tries to call Amazon Tap, Alexa before asking it to do something.

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