Why I Won’t Buy an Amazon Tap (Yet)

When Amazon announced the Echo Dot (thoughts), I rushed to register and create this site.

How do I feel about the Amazon Tap? Not the same.

The reason I love the Echo line of devices is that it is hands-free and always listening. The Amazon Tap does neither. I love portability, but it comes at the cost of having to keep the battery charged and having to activate it like a smartphone voice assistant.

Amazon can make the Tap great by creating another version that does two things:

  1. Becomes an Echo When Docked – When it is docked to a power source, it should have the ability to be hands-free and always listening like the Echo. This would allow Amazon to sell me charging docks for around my house and perhaps a couple of Taps for family members.
  2. Can be Always Listening when Portable – I know it will drain the battery… perhaps quite fast. However, if I’m only going out for a few hours, I might not mind. This would be especially true if I have multiple docks as noted in above idea.

The other thing that isn’t clear with the Tap is if it needs a mobile hot spot to use Alexa Voice Services. It sounds like it does. However, it should be able to connect through Bluetooth and use my phone’s LTE or Wifi connection to route the request. This saves me the effort of putting my phone in mobile hot spot mode.

While you may be able to use the speaker on the go without being connected a mobile hot spot or Alexa Voice Services, that makes it a pretty plain Bluetooth speaker.

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