Why You Should Buy an Echo Dot

When Amazon announced the Echo Dot, my initial thought was, “This feels like an extremely limited Amazon Echo.”

With a few days to reflect on it, I see it as something different. At a price of $180 an Amazon Echo is not an impulse buy for many people. Some people see it as an expensive music speaker.

We think it is much more, but we can respect other people’s ideas. With the Echo Dot, you can add Alexa capabilities to very cheap speakers such as these, which should be fine for a bedroom. Spending $110 for the combination is cheaper than buying an Echo and would still work mostly the same for the space.

I’ve been keeping my Echo in my living room, but I could by an Echo Dot and hook it up to my existing audio/video receiver. This would allow me to move the Echo to my kitchen. So rather than have two Echos at a total cost of around $360, I’d just need to buy one Echo and one Dot for a cost of around $270.

So now I look at the Echo as a way to save money. If you have another speaker around or want to go with something cheaper, you have that option. The rub is that the Echo itself has been available (very briefly) for under $100, so the $90 price for the Echo Dot feels premium.

If you’ve been wanting to jump on the Amazon Alexa bandwagon or add them to your house, I think it might be worth the money. However, I’m clearly a fan and it’s not up to me too tell you how to spend your money.


Rob Enderle from Technewsworld explains why the Echo Dot may be better than the Amazon Echo. I love the explanation that his wife prefers the $180 Echo to his $5,000 Sonos set-up. That’s one of the reasons why I fell in love with the Echo. It just works.

The upside of his argument? The Echo Dot makes his whole-house Sonos system “smart.”

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